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Helping families who are living with Chronic Disorders

Who we are

The RED Trail is a community group that fosters a sense of community, inclusion and awareness through supporting families with rare chronic disorders in Australia.

It was founded by Lyn after her son Jayden was diagnosed with multiple disorders including haemophilia, autism, asthma and other health complications.

The Red Trail Community founders Lyn and Jayden sitting together

Their story is one of near tragedy and triumph as they fought through various medical battles over the last 15 years, whilst raising over $4M for several charities along the way. 

They take their life experience and now share that with others to inspire families to never give up.

The Red Trail Community Group media and public relations article by the Sydney Morning Herald about Jayden's haemophilia



Our goal is to foster a sense of community assisting families with various types of rare chronic disorders in a supportive, fun, and engaging way, through our regular events and activities.

The Red Trail Community Group Social Meet Up Family Event February 2019


We want families to feel comfortable in an all inclusive environment where no one is left out, regardless of age, gender, or race. Everyone is socially supported by our community.


The Red Trail works closely with our community members to raise awareness, funds via our regular social meetups and events connecting families with rare chronic disorders across Australia.


The RED Trail works closely with community members to publicly raise awareness for rare chronic disorders. To help celebrate World Haemophilia Day in 2018 our story was filmed as part of the Bleeding Love documentary.

Sharing our experiences will help increase awareness and hopefully lead to better treatments and improved access to treatment. We are so honoured to share this incredible story of strength, determination and love.” Charles


“Jayden is now 15 living with Severe Haemophilia A as well as multiple chronic disorders”

He survived a critical bleed on the brain at birth and is now ready to embrace his dreams on the race track.

“Chloe was dismissed by many health professionals failing to recognise her bleeding disorder existed in females”

After a decade long fight for a diagnosis, Chloe now receives the life-saving treatment for her von Willebrands Disorder.



We are a collaborative group of passionate souls all uniting together for connection and social support whilst raising awareness & vital funds for our community living with rare chronic disorders.

Get involved and help us create change. There are several ways you can make a difference to support The RED Trail to create a positive change for example you could share your life story, come along to one of our events, be a volunteer or provide support by being a corporate hero.


help us change the lives
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