We help to create a support network for families living with Chronic Disorders

what does the red trail do?

Foster Community

The Red Trail’s goal is to foster a sense of community support for families with chronic disorders in a fun, engaging way.

Encourage Inclusion

The Red Trail wants families to feel included, comfortable and to know community support is available for chronic disorders.

Build Awareness

The Red Trail helps build community support and awareness via our social meet ups and events for families with chronic disorders.


It would be easy to put lots of information on a website, sit back and hope people find it and read it, although that isn’t how the The RED Trail does it. We actively engage people in the community to provide a human face and touch to everything we do. We actively foster a sense of community, encouraging people to feel like they are included and over time build awareness amongst the broader public.

Social gatherings, fundraising walks and regular contact via online forums or discussion groups ensures there is a broad mix of interaction that is suitable for everyone, especially families with kids who have rare chronic disorders.

Social Meet Ups

The Red Trail Community Group Social Meet Up Family Event February 2019 kids playing with bubbles

These are fun, casual meets ups at locations in and around New South Wales where we put the phone down, enjoy some fresh air and have some fun. It’s a great way to meet other families and learn about how they cope with rare chronic disorders.

Fundraising Walks

We have raised vital funds via our annual fundraising walks which are a fun way to enjoy some sunshine. The money raised supports various charity organisations to help families that are in need of a helping hand so they can manage life a little better.

Support Forums

The Red Trail Community Group Social Meet Up support group discussions

Lyn is an active member on a number of online forums and Facebook social media groups providing regular interaction with families around the world. Lyn also shares her story along the way about her journey with Jayden to inspire others.

Get involved with The RED Trail

The RED Trail fosters a sense of community, inclusion and awareness by supporting families with chronic disorders in Australia

We plan on hosting regular social meetups and other small events through the year. We welcome everyone to join us to meet inspiring families living with a chronic medical condition.

If you would like to make a difference to other people’s lives have a chat about how you can support The RED Trail. Come help create a positive change


The RED Trail has been very fortunate to be involved in various mainstream news articles to help generate awareness and understanding for families who have rare chronic disorders, here are a few of them;

The Red Trail Community Group media and public relations article by the Sydney Morning Herald about Jayden's haemophilia


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