Jayden Completes Year 10 Top Of The Class

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JAYDEN HUYNH's Top of the class YEAR 10 results due to hemlibra

Year 10 has been one of the most challenging and important school years that I have completed so far, and it’s one during which I have been able to achieve many of my goals and have performed fantastically in terms of my academics. For the first time I could attend most of the year with the help of Hemlibra.

Jayden Huynh
Jayden Completes Year 10

Year in Review

Unlike years before, Year 10 is the pivotal year before the final two senior years of High School, as well as the year which the Record Of School Achievement (ROSA) is assessed upon. The ROSA serves to be the record that defines your final performance throughout your mandatory schooling years, so receiving a well-regarded ROSA is very important leading into Years 11 and 12, as well as tertiary education and employment. 2019 has been my best attended year ever, where minimal sick weeks and zero hospital admissions had allowed me to be present for 90% of the year. This, unlike previous years, had granted me the best possible chance to acquire very high assessments results and a good yearly report. Throughout the year, I would have some stiff competition from fellow classmates for the top 10 positions of each subject. Results would vary from each assessment, and sometimes I wasn’t sure if I was able to achieve the best I could. By the yearly report however, I had done exactly that, being able to acquire achievement awards for:
  • 5th in Science
  • 3rd in Commerce
  • Development in English
As well as excellence awards for:
  • 1st in History
  • 2nd in Commerce
These were results I was very happy with, and they helped to contribute to a very good ROSA for completing Year 10! A big factor to being able to achieve these results was that Hemlibra reduced any chances of bleeds so I didn’t miss days at school by going to Hospital, it meant I had my best attendance rate in over 3 years.
Jayden Completes Year 10 Top Of The Class

MY FIRST EVER Work Experience

Jayden Completes Year 10 Top Of The Class

Assessment results wasn’t the only thing required for the ROSA, however, as to gain eligibility for one, we would have to complete two weeks of our choice at work experience. This was an event I was extremely keen and passionate about participating in, as not only could I just get my first practical experience in any working environment, but also in an environment surrounding my passion of cars, motorsport and engineering.

Lining up a variety of placements to approach, I contacted Lotus and KTM dealership and workshop Simply Sports Cars, and they responded back their acceptance, more than happy for me to complete work experience at their business. Thus, I managed to secure a placement at Simply Sports Cars to work from November 25th to December 6th.

Jayden Completes Year 10 Top Of The Class

There, I got to absorb the full operations of a sports car dealership in their car sales, servicing, engineering, parts management and so much more. For the first week, I would be an assistant mechanic in their workshop, helping with the servicing and repairs of customer Lotus cars. For me, who had already learned much of the engineering principles of automobiles, this was my first time seeing everything I knew be put into physical practice. From simple tasks such as oil changes, to more advanced procedures like brake pad replacements and wheel alignment, all the way to engine head and gearbox rebuilds, this gave me an amazing chance to see how it all gets done. 



The second week would see me help around in the dealership part of Simply Sports Cars, housing each of their accounts, sales, parts and engineering departments. With their accounts manager, I got to learn the process of managing their accounts for import, export, purchase, selling and much more, all while making sure that they still comply with government regulations.

With sales, I got to see how they sold their cars to customers, as well as their close link to servicing and the workshop.

Parts would see me packing and sorting all the parts that are bought, sold, delivered and utilised on all of SSC’s cars, and in engineering, I learned the process of developing aftermarket products that could be sold to customers, where technical and economical validity and effectiveness are evaluated to determine what, when and how to develop a particular product.

Completing work experience at Simply Sports Cars was a truly amazing experience that taught me so much about the skill, knowledge and organisation that goes into running a sports car dealership and workshop. Everyone there at SSC were very supportive and always ensured that I could perform at my best. Sometimes they would be surprised themselves about my knowledge of things! I cannot thank them enough for providing me with such a good work experience.

Jayden Completes Year 10 Top Of The Class


With work experience wrapped up and all assessments and exams completed, Year 10 was finally complete, and with that I received my ROSA. Now going into Year 11, my idea about my future career in motorsports and engineering is better than ever, and I will give it my all to do the best I can! The thing that has really changed things for me is the improvements to my health due to Hemlibra so now I can do the things I could never do before.

Jayden Huynh


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